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Thinking about getting into the tax business as a part-time or full-time business opportunity?


Then you should be thinking about joining the ComproTax Team...and, if you're visiting this page, you must be thinking about doing exactly that! 


That's great.  Welcome!


We've been helping people get into the tax business and become successful in the tax business since 1982.  We've helped thousands of people find opportunity in the tax business, including starting over 200 offices.  And we'd love to help you, too.


Tax preparation is a recession-proof business and a multi-billion dollar industry.


Many people assume you need expensive education, advanced degrees, etc. to participate in this multi-billion dollar tax industry by starting & growing your own successful tax business.




In addition to some initiative on your own part, the only things you need to succeed are the things we provide here at ComproTax:

  • The best training in the tax industry (not only technical tax training, but teaching you the business side, too, such as how to acquire clients and earn referrals from happy clients).
  • Trusted, experienced mentors & coaches who truly care about your success.
  • A proven business system that trains and supports you when you're just starting out, and rewards you for training and supporting others as you become more established in the business.

We utilize a combination of online, on demand tax training and live, hands-on coaching to provide a comprehensive, professional experience that shows you exactly what to do to build your success in the tax industry.


Your journey begins when you click that "ENROLL NOW" button.


If you have questions before getting started, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'll be happy to talk over your options with you person to person and make sure our Program is a good fit for you.  Our phone number is 1-800-372-1099 and please feel free to call anytime.


Or, if you're ready to get started now, simply click that "ENROLL NOW" button and let's get moving.


Our T.E.A.M. Approach

People ask us what makes ComproTax different from every other company in the tax industry.  It's our people.  Specifically, it's how our people work together under a shared belief in, and a unified commitment to, the power of T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More).   Our T.E.A.M. approach allows our experienced coaches to train and support you when you're just starting out, and it allows you to be rewarded for training and supporting others who follow in your footsteps and learn from you.  Unlike other tax professionals who struggle alone, T.E.A.M. is a win-win from day one when you work with ComproTax.

Online Training and Live Coaching

At ComproTax, we provide you with both 24/7 on demand online tax training and live, hands-on training events conducted by our team of experienced coaches.  It's the best of both worlds: study on your own time and at your own pace, and also attend live coaching sessions to ask all your questions, walk through real-life scenarios on the tax software, and learn how to acquire clients.  Our online education system makes it easy and fun to learn, and no other "get started" tax course can even come close to touching our 50+ hours of live coaching seminars.  Why play the either/or game when you can choose both and get more?

Direct Access To Senior Team

Despite the success our senior team members have achieved over decades in this business, we're never too busy to be in touch with you and treat you like our respected colleague and teammate.  When you enroll in our Program, we make a commitment to get to know you personally and to personally invest in your success.  You'll be assigned a coach and you can email us, chat with us online, call us, text us, and just flat-out be in touch.   Want to meet in person?  Let's make that happen!  Come visit us at the Compro Event Center, our 25,000 square foot headquarters in Beaumont, Texas.  Once you're enrolled, you're one of us, and we'll walk along with you as a friend and ally on your journey to business success.


Jackie E. Mayfield

President & Founder

 "I am excited about the high rate of success that our affiliates are experiencing with the system employed by CTI.  We open doors of opportunity to allow both experienced and non-experienced persons to join our company.  We work as a team and we win as a team."


Yusuf A. Muhammad

Chairman of Tax Education & Co-Founder

"Every year, we see people come into the Program who are hearing that doubting voice in their head.  'I can't do it.  I'm not smart enough.  Don't have enough money.  Don't have enough time.'  At ComproTax, we show you YES YOU CAN, and we show you exactly how."


Frederic Zeno

Chairman of the Board of Directors & Honorary Co-Founder

"We are privileged to make a positive, lasting impact on people's lives by empowering our affiliates to start and grow successful businesses.  As with anything in life worth doing, we must overcome obstacles.  Nevertheless, we enjoy every day because we love what we do."


Craig Johnson


"Starting, growing, and sustaining your own business is one of the most challenging feats in the entire world.  Business ownership is the primary path to financial freedom and long-term prosperity for you and your family.  At ComproTax, we give you a proven system to follow when starting and growing your own business, increasing your chances of attaining success."

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    Since 1982, ComproTax Inc has provided efficient, effective tax services with an emphasis on education and professional development. ComproTax has over 250 Offices Nation Wide; with over 2,000 certified tax professionals, skilled in their area of expertise. Our services include Tax Preparation ranging from W-2's to S Corp and LLC, Payroll, Bookkeeping and much more…!

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